WorldClock is the definitive desktop clock program for Windows offering timezone, timesync, alarm, reminder, and calendar functionality. WorldClock.Classic also gives you the option of enhancing your desktop wallpaper with time, weather, calendar, and sun/moon information. You can also replace your wallpaper image with a map of the world showing user-selectable location panels displaying the local date/time in those locations. WorldClock's geo-database contains over 1500 locations covering most of the major locations across the world. WorldClock also has excellent support for multi-monitor systems (up to three monitors).

WorldClock.Net also offers all of the above but presents it in a standard application window instead of your desktop wallpaper. It also allows you to access your Google or Outlook 365 calendar and display your personal schedule for the day or for a user-definable time period.

Please refer to the WorldClock.Net and WorldClock.Classic sections for a more detailed description of WorldClock's features and operation.

You can download trial versions of WorldClock.Net and WorldClock.Classic (as well as their screen saver implementations) in the Downloads section.

If you're a registered user, go to the What's New section for information on the latest releases and other news.

All versions of WorldClock are fully compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11. Please note that with the latest releases of WorldClock.Classic (v7.x) and WorldClock.Net (v1.x) WorldClock is no longer compatible with Windows XP or earlier.

Also note that all WorldClock versions require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. If you're running Windows 8 or higher you should already have this as it's a standard component of these operating systems. But if you're running Windows 7 or earlier, the WorldClock installer will automatically download it from the Microsoft website and install it for you.

WorldClock uses the weather data provider for its weather features. Although their service is free (500 calls/day), they require users to obtain an API Key in order to use their service. We have provided this PDF document that details the process of obtaining this API key from and how to then activate the weather features in WorldClock.

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