WorldClock News
26.mar.2021 WorldClock.Net Version 1.02 Released

Added a new feature: Stopwatch.

Also, created a new popup menu item named "Tools". The Timer, Stopwatch, and Date Calculator menu items are now grouped as sub-items off Tools.

13.feb.2021 WorldClock Version 7.01 Released
WorldClock.Net Version 1.01 Released

Added a new feature: Timers.


  • You can create a new timer simply by selecting the "New Timer" menu item from the WorldClock or WorldClock.Net popup menu
  • To setup and run your timer, enter the required time in the time edit box at the top-left hand corner of the screen and then click the "Start" button; note that the time editor will automatically adjust any value entered into a valid hh:mm:ss format -- for instance entering 99 seconds will be converted to 01:39 minutes and seconds
  • You can optionally include a description which will be displayed in the title bar and the end-of-timer notification
  • Once your timer is running, the "Start" button turns into a "Pause" button allowing you to pause your countdown
  • If you need to add a little time to your timer while it is running, simply click on the "+ 1:00" button to add a minute to your remaining time
  • An alert will sound when your timer expires
  • In addition, a notification will be issued in the Windows notification area when your timer expires
  • Clicking the "Reset" button will stop the timer and reset it to its initial value, including any time added with the "+1" button
  • You may have an unlimited number of timers running at the same time
  • All timers will continue running even if you close your WorldClock/WorldClock.Net program
  • Timers have an upper limit of 24 hours (actually 23:59:59)
15.dec.2020 WorldClock.Net Version 1.0 Released
WorldClock.Net Screen Saver Version 1.0 Released

See WorldClock.Net description for details.

14.dec.2020 WorldClock Version Release
WorldClock Screen Saver Version Release

Version 7 is a complete overhaul of the program and adds many new features and improvements.


  • WorldClock has been redesigned to fully support and properly scale on high-DPI (e.g. 4K) displays
  • WorldClock now uses the publicly available Time Zone Database to determine timezone offsets and local Daylight Savings Time rules; also added an easy-to-use database update feature
  • Extensive overhaul of the desktop wallpaper generation feature to better support multi-monitor systems and improve the way WorldClock handles wallpaper changes via the Windows wallpaper applet
  • In order to achieve a consistent look, you can now set one group of display options for all desktop wallpaper information panels; if you wish, you can override these settings for each individual panel
  • The size of all desktop wallpaper information panels is now adjustable
  • Added public holiday support for over 100 countries
  • Added seven day weather forecast display
  • Added new weather icon sets and options
  • World map time panel display positions can now be easily moved using a click-and-drag user interface
  • Added a new option to draw the country's flag as a background on world map time panels
  • Added a new digital clock panel display option
  • Added new options for clockface panels to draw "tails" on hands and to adjust hand thickness
  • Taskbar clock customization features have been improved to better support Windows 10
  • WorldClock can now determine your latitude/longitude from your address via the Mapbox Geocode service
  • Day/Night view window (redundant)
  • Sidebar panel on desktop wallpaper (redundant)
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10.
    Please note that WorldClock is no longer compatible with Windows XP or earlier.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. Note that if you are using Windows version 8 or higher, .NET 4.5 is already installed on your system. If you're using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can download the .NET 4.5 Framework installer from the link below:
IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a major version number release and requires the purchase of a new license. However, if you purchased a license of WorldClock and/or the WorldClock Screen Saver on or after January 1st, 2020, you are entitled to a free update. Please email me your proof-of-purchase (a copy of the original email you received from me when you purchased the license) and I will send you update instructions.

15.apr.2020 WorldClock Screen Saver Version Update.

Fixes a bug in the screen saver version of WorldClock that did not execute the new weather provider switch-over on initial setup.

To get this update, just download the same file (with the same password) as you originally did when you registered and then re-install.

27.jan.2020 WorldClock Version Update.
WorldClock Screen Saver Version Update.

The major reason for this release is that the old weather service has been discontinued and so, with this release, WorldClock has moved to a new weather service.

Other improvements:

  • Greatly improved support for multi-monitor displays
  • Fixed taskbar clock scaling for Windows 10
  • Added a second icon set for the weather display
Note that the new weather service has a different way of specifying your location; as such, I have had to reset your location. After you install this update please go to the preferences and re-enter your desired location.

PLEASE NOTE that this is a free update for WorldClock users who have purchased version 5.x of WorldClock or version 6.x of the WorldClock Screen Saver. If so, then you should have received an email from me after you purchased WorldClock containing download instructions. Simply click on the download link in this email to download the zip file (which now contains this update). Use the password (also in my email) to open this zip file and then run the setup program contained therein.

Users with older versions will need to upgrade in order to get this release.

LAST MINUTE BUG: If you downloaded and installed the initial release of this update (the version number ended in '0') there was a bug that was introduced at the last minute. Please download and install the new release that has been uploaded to the server. My apologies for the inconvenience.

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