WorldClock Screen Saver Description
The WorldClock Screen Saver displays a high resolution map of the world that will accommodate even the highest 4K resolution displays. The day and night areas are clearly shown on the map. You can also have the local time of up to twenty (ten in the trial version) cities displayed on transparent panels over the map; their times will be updated every minute. If you choose to display the clock, it will be updated every second.

The WorldClock Screen Saver can be configured to display the night area using a satellite composite image of the Earth's surface at night. The day area uses the regular map while the night area uses this new 'Night Lights' map. These 'Night Lights' are, of course, night illumination from our major metropolitan areas (street lighting, electric signs, etc.) which are clearly visible from space.

A typical WorldClock Screen Saver display with the day/night shadow in 'Night Lights' mode is shown below. This shot has been reduced to fit on this page and some detail has been lost. To do it full justice, you should see the original image (download the trial and see for yourself on your computer).

A snapshot of the WorldClock Screen Saver setup options screen is shown below.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the WorldClock Screen Saver can be customized in many different ways. Almost all of the features specified on the features page for the main WorldClock program are also available for the Screen Saver.

 WorldClock Screen Saver Trial Edition Download
A Trial Edition of the WorldClock Screen Saver is available for download. The only difference between the trial edition and the full edition is that the words **Trial Version** will be overlaid on the world map.

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